Monday, June 22, 2009


> Well, I'm finally getting some time to sit back and relax and update
> you guys on my life. I'm sitting here at the beach in North
> Carolina enjoying the cool breeze and the sound of the crashing
> waves! The rip current is really strong today, and after seeing 4
> girls get rescued from getting pulled out to sea the other day I'm
> staying away from the water for a few days. I'm just going to soak
> up the sun and work on my summer tan :). I'm so sorry I've been so
> MIA. Katie B. Came to visit and we had such an amazing time at the
> Lilly Sale and Tour of The PInk Palace! Katie made a great post at
> The Salty Kiss about our little visit! I'll post more about that
> when I'm back on my laptop later. I know a lot of you had been
> asking where I got my bedspread from the previous post. It is
> called "Hibiscus Hill" by Tommy Hilfiger. I bought the duvet set
> from and the sheets from Many
> different websites offer it, these are just where I found the best
> prices. I have been on the search for more decorations all summer.
> Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! I've seen some of
> the Pine Cone Hill stuff here in the outer banks at different shops
> that I've been to. You guys were soooo right! That stuff is just
> about the prettiest things I've seen in a really long time! But,
> it's a little expensive for my college budget! I'm still in
> desperate need of a rug. Any more suggestions for that?
> My job has been going soo well! I absolutely love being around Lilly
> all of the time and getting to know more about the brand. After my
> tour of headquarters I have such a greater appreciation for
> everything that goes into making the prints! We carry a few of the
> prints that Torie, the girl on the Lilly print team that gave us the
> tour, designed! Because it's my first job, I am still learning new
> thIngs on a daily basis! Plus, with my new Lilly wardrobe from the
> sale it's always easy to pick out my outfit for work! Haha :)
> The boy is coming to visit on Friday and I am SO excited to see him!
> I haven't seen him since May!! We'll get to enjoy a weekend at the
> beach before he goes back to school.
> Anyways; I've missed reading all of your blogs and I will for sure
> get back to commenting later this afternoon! I'll also be back to
> post some pictures of the past few weeks! Until then, here's a
> picture that I had on my phone of Katie B. And I with Mr. Pink
> himself after our shopping expedition at the Lilly warehouse sale!! :)
> Xoxo,
> kbl