Saturday, May 9, 2009

My First Blog!

So after months and months of reading all of your blogs I've finally decided to start my own!  I began my blog obsession last November when I was trying to find more information about the Lilly Warehouse sale.  Ever since I've found myself surfing the blogging world for different tips on decorating, preppy gifts, and shopping! I'm so excited to begin my own blog. It's the start of the summer which means I will be able to spend more time blogging and less time on school work! :) 

Finals ended just over a week ago and this break has already been wonderful!! After two LONG days of packing up my entire life--that is my dorm-- the boy and I made the 16 hour long drive up to Philly from Orlando.  It was a very stressful drive--at 3AM we hit something and my poor car barely made it up here!  Luckily we arrived safe and sound.  I was so excited to have the boy visit with my family for the week-despite all of the rain we had.  We toured downtown Philly and enjoyed lunch at JONES!  It was fantastic!  Later during the week we made it out to King of Prussia, my favorite, to do some major Mother's Day shopping!  I found this great dress for Mom at J. Crew! It was on a terrific sale, so I just couldn't pass it up! My mom has recently lost over 100 lbs, so we've had so much fun picking out new clothes for her!  I'm so proud of her, and so insanely jealous of her dedication! 
Anyways, the boy had to leave today, so that was very sad. I've been used to seeing him every day, but since I'll be spending the summer up North I won't be seeing him until late August! :( But I have so many things I'm looking forward to this summer that I'm sure the time will fly!  My best friend visiting, the Lilly Warehouse Sale, and my first summer job at the Outer Banks!  

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  1. Welcome to the blog world! How funny that you went to JONES! That is where I dined when in downtown PHL before the warehouse sale last November. I had no idea it would be so good or so fun as we just sort of walked by and walked in!