Sunday, May 17, 2009

So I guess I'm officially the Worst Blogger ever...

So, let's just say this this has been the busiest week ever! Who knew that even when you're not in school things could get so hectic?!  Hopefully things are starting to slow down a little bit so I can bring you guys back up to date on my life.  Unfortunately the day after I posted last Ginger passed away.  We had to take her to the vet on Tuesday night because we could tell that she was in a lot of pain.  But with that sadness comes a bit of joy because we spent that night looking at puppies online to distract ourselves.  My mother, brother, and I spent hours on the couch--each with our laptops-- searching for little lab pups.  We were looking for another yellow lab, which come to find out are quite the commodity.  We found very few--and the ones we did find were either $2,000 (master sire hunting show dogs--not quite the family dog) or at what we found out were puppy mills.  Not wanting to spend that much money on a dog...nor wanting to support the puppy mill we continued our search.   We knew that there must be at least one yellow lab out there somewhere!! Finally my mom found an add in the classifieds of some random paper listed online and we immediately called them up.  The man on the other end of the phone explained that he did in fact have quite a few female yellow pups left (it sounded way too good to be true)  and then continued to say that he was located way out past Harrisburg on a farm.  Not sure if she wanted to drive that far, my mom said that she would call him the next morning to get his address when we were on our way.  We called about 15 more people--all of which had already sold the last of their females//yellow puppies.   We thought about it over night and finally made the decision to drive out to Harrisburg (3 hours!!!)  to get the puppy.  When my mom went to call the man she realized that we didn't have the number anymore!! It was lost somewhere in the mix of phone numbers that we had called.  It took us an hour and a half just to find the website on the history of her computer.  But after all of that we were finally on our way!  After the drive to the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, PA  (we're talking about an hour and half drive AFTER you get off the highway.)  We arrived and were greeted by a little Amish family.  We played with a few pups and then finally decided on this one: 

Isn't she just darling? Next came the battle of the names!  It literally took us 3 days to agree on a name for this poor little puppy.  Mother and I had decided we wanted to call her Charlotte, but for some reason my little brothers hated the name.  After the 3 day long battle mother and I won, of course.  She sports a little pink collar and she really couldn't be any cuter.  Lucy (my other dog) took a few days to get used to her, but finally today has begun playing with her.  Charlotte absolutely adores Lucy and it's so cute to watch her prance around in Lucy's shadow out in our lawn.  But anyway, needless to say, this little puppy is the reason for my lack of blogging this week!  A puppy is a 24-hour long obligation...she has to be constantly watched, taken out, and played with.  I'll be back tomorrow with more posts about my week and more pictures of baby Charlotte. :) 



  1. she's adorable! that's a good excuse for not being here :)

  2. Too cute!! Have a fantastic week!!
    xxxx me

  3. Oh just darling! And, we'll take you blogging when you can. Take it easy and we will just wait patiently. Smooches to the new pooch! Xoxo-BLC

  4. Your story about driving to get the puppy made me laugh. We drove 6 hours to get our puppy (one way!)...twice. My husband thought I lost my mind. I got home with one puppy and a few weeks later decided to go back and get his sister. Sorry to hear about your dog Ginger. It's never easy is it. Here's hoping Charlotte gets lots of belly rubs!